Friendship Circle Palo Alto

in 2019 the Jeff Astor Foundation supported a new program called the JEFF ASTOR TEEN EXPERIENCE, by bringing in speakers and educators with a focus on Israel, the Holocaust, education and general Jewish knowledge. In April 2019 in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Friendship Circle brought in a speaker who survived the Holocaust.

In the summer of 2019 the JAF sponsored a JEFF ASTOR SPORTS DAY for the special needs children – see the picture below.

We have helped provide speakers to educate and support the parents of special needs children.  We have also contributed to a twice annual evening get away for the moms of children with special needs.  In 2016 our contribution went towards a Parent Date Night and Kids Night Out, when parents dropped off their kids in their pajamas, watched a video, did crafts and hung out while the parents had a special date night.

The Friendship Circle in Palo Alto, is dedicated to creating a supportive Jewish community for special needs children, their families and high school volunteers. The Friendship Circle pairs high students with special needs children to provide these children a full range of social, Judaic and educational experiences.

A volunteer student with a special needs child
A special needs child with a volunteer student
Jeff Astor Sports day, 2019